Inktober 2018

My daily drawings during “Inktober 2018”

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10-20-2018 – ‘Breakable’


10-19-2018  – ‘Scorched’


10-17-2018  –  ‘Swollen’


10-16-2018  –  ‘Angular’


10-15-2018  –  ‘Weak’


10-13-2018 – ‘Guarded’


10-12-2018 – ‘Whale’


10-10-2018 – ‘Flowing’



10-09-2018 – ‘Precious’


10-08-2018 -‘Star’
I was thinking a lot about this prompt. So many different stars to choose from…
In the end, I chose from a theme dear to me, ‘Star Wars’ and the Death Star.
It took a looooong time to draw, so now I’m behind in my postings, especially since
I chose to do another realistic drawing for prompt #9 ‘Precious’  (coming next).
I’m working on catching up now


10-07-2018 – ‘Exhausted’
Ink on Watercolor paper (traditional media).



10-06-2018 – ‘Drooling’


10-05-2018 – ‘Chicken’


10-04-2018  – ‘Spell’



10-03-2018  – Roasted


10-02-2018 – “Tranquil”



10-01-2018 – “Poisonous” 




My daily drawings during “Inktober 2018”

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The prompts this year are:
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