Anna Cei

Swedish-born Anna Cei, while maintaining roots with her birthplace,
has spent most of her adult life in the United States, and in Tokyo, Japan.
Anna is an internationally experienced creative business strategist with expertise in
project management, who has worked both with well-established corporations
entrepreneurial ventures. Lately, her primary focus has been the music industry,
where she 
has dedicated her time as an artist manager, artist promotor,
concert-and events organizer, 
producer of international tours, and creative director.
She also has a strong background in the visual arts and graphic design, spanning over three decades of experience, both as a producer and as an instructor. 

She is passionately devoted to promoting unity through global collaborations,
with the aim to achieve positive change for the world.

As an artist, she is a multimedia artist as well as a digital artist,
she works in a variety of media including:
watercolor, acrylics, glass, fabric, gemstones,  as well as digital art
using a variety of Adobe software (for example Photoshop and Illustrator).
She often infuses her works with color and a cheerful spirit,
but there are also some dark and monochrome pieces.
Her work has been exhibited in Sweden, Japan and in the USA.

In addition to creating her own art, she has also been teaching
fine art, visual design, graphic design, 
and computer graphics at various
universities, fine art schools, and corporations across Europe and the USA.
She is often hired to do logotypes, illustrations in children’s books and
cover art for music and books.

She is the founder of “The Pink Spider Web
building bridges of collaborations across the globe in the
music industry.
She has significant experience producing tours, events, and
is often engaged as a public speaker.

The Pink Spider Web


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