July 14th, 2019

so I have been working with The Elected Officials and MDC – Millions of Dead Cops, so much that I haven’t promoted my own page or my own art. I might have been at a place of inertia, but  this is mostly due to not knowing how to proceed. What is my next step?
Shall I continue as the Pink Spider Web?
Shall I focus on my own name here Anna Cei?
Shall I pump up the new company and name, “AMPLIFY & amaze“?
Maybe a combination of these?
Shall I separate stuff ? Have  the Anna Cei site focusing on visual art and
The Pink Spider Web for music?  Or the PSW being everything with Japan ?
Thing is, art and music,  are so intertwined in my life.  Same with  Japan and the world.
Where does one end and the other begin?
Here are for example a cover I did for a compilation album I did for
The Elected Officials, MDC – Millions of Dead Cops, Naked Aggression and FLiPOUT A.A (Japan) for sale in Japan.


For now , I will continue to somehow double up on both The PSW and here.
I am also working with an awesome duo called A.Def  who I truly love working with. I call their music “rap noire”. I will write more about them in a separate post.


March 10, 2019
Time flies…
During most of February and for a week in March, I had the opportunity to follow on tour with three bands on the US West Coast.
MDC, Verbal Abuse and The Elected Officials.
Here are some photos I took during the tour:



December 31, 2018
First off a big THANK YOU!
Thank you for supporting me (and my art) this year.
It is my hope and sincere feeling that 2019 will bring a lot of good,
positive change!
2019 I intend to focus on music, continue learning as much as I can about the documentary
film industry, read many books, maintain fluency in the languages I command and
do a lot of art.
However, free time might not be as abundant next year, so there will be some changes.
I will need to make some restructuring and reorganization of this site to reflect my focus.
I will not close the art shop completely, far from it, but I will, for example, remove the sales of
hand-made greeting cards. There just isn’t enough time to maintain the sales operations.
The printed cards will remain up until all sold out.
I am still in the process of figuring out how I will content manage this site,
as well as the sister site, the Pink Spider Web, which previously has been
focused only on music, and especially on music in Japan.
So stay tuned and stay with me during this time of transition.
I wish you all an amazing new 2019 \m/

Below “Fair-Y-Tell”
Markers, ink, white gel, glitter glue and sparkles

December 7, 2018
As of yesterday Dec 6, I am showing and selling my stuff at an Artists’ Holiday Fair, so sorry might not have time to update site with all sales statistics. This means:
between Dec 6 and December 14
Please contact me directly
if interested in any of my artwork for sale.
Send email to
with any inquires.
Sorry for the inconvenience

November 14, 2018

Slightly delayed due to illness (nothing serious but still slowed down my ability to work)
the online shop is now opening up.
I will upload and update items continuously.
There are four main categories of items.

1. One of a kind handmade art
In this category, you will find paintings, drawings, watercolor, mixed media art.
Shipping is free worldwide for unframed work with regular post office mail.
If you want your item faster please contact us at:
Shop one of a kind art here:

Example of art in this category:

2. Handmade Greeting Cards
There are four subcategories of handmade greeting cards:
1. Handpainted folded greeting cards with no text.
2. Handpainted folded greeting cards with text
3. Square handpainted greeting cards with no text.
4. Square handpainted greeting cards with text.
You can shop for those here: 

Example of a handmade greeting card with text:

Example of a handmade card without text:

3. Printed artwork
This is artwork that has been printed on paper stock to be either framed or sent as a card.

Example of printed artwork:


4. Other items with my artwork
Some of my art is painted or printed on all kinds of items:
Notebooks, coasters, and pillows are examples of items with my artwork printed on them.
I will also soon upload images of handpainted messenger- and totebags, t-shirts and other clothing.
Keep checking in and don’t hesitate to ask if you ideas or questions.

Example of an item from this category:
Notebook with 80 pages. Available with ruled or white pages.


October 27, 2018

This past week I have continued to work on the Inktober 2018 prompts.
I am now helplessly behind though. At the beginning of this past week, I was very sick.
I could not do anything at all for four days. I realized I cannot catch up, which made me
take a drastic decision. I will have to focus my energy and prioritize my regular artwork,
including the organization and administration of this site.
I need to work and get my online shop ready for the holiday season.
I cannot live on making Inktober prompts…
C’est la vie!

So now I am in the process of setting up the online shop.
Hoping to have it up and running by 11-02 next week.
Meanwhile, I have prepared an area here on the site so you can see the cards.
There are three main categories. I ship globally. Shipping not included in prices below.
I don’t add any handling fee on top of actual shipping costs.
More about this when the online shop opens.
Watercolor cards. Small folded cards. Blank insides with a unique watercolor painting on the front. You can buy them individually, packs of 5 or packs of 10.
Special promo pricing until 12-31-2018
5 USD / 45 SEK / 560JP¥
Set of 5 different cards  20USD / 185 SEK/ 2250JP¥
Set of 10 different cards  35 USD / 320 SEK / 4000JP¥

Square Cards. Folded square cards. Some with embellishments, some with hand texted greetings such as: ‘Thank You’, ‘Happy Birthday’, Happy Anniversary’, Congratulations etc.
The prices for these range 5 USD / 45 SEK / 560JP¥ -10 USD /  – 10 USD / 90 SEK / 1120JP¥  depending on labor and materials involved.

Printed Cards. Single paged cards. Most of them with digital art by me, but some I have handpainted using traditional media.
Prices vary depending on size.  Starting at 2.50 USD.

October 19, 2018

I don’t want to start with whining, but really being so super focused on catching up has made me overuse my right arm. My neck and shoulder have been in so much pain that I have been taking acetaminophen every 4-6 hours around the clock.
I do think part of my problem is ‘time’. I want to do art until it is finished.
If I get an idea, I just can’t simplify it. I want it to be just like I picture it.
However, some of my ideas take time and lots of it.
The idea with my take on inktober is to force myself to follow the prompts.
There is one prompt for every day. This means a finished piece of art every day.
I do have other things to do as well, so spending more than 5-6 hours in any 24 hour period of time just isn’t going to work.
The ‘cruel’ prompt (day 11) is where my problems started. The reason is, because I came up with an idea which would take way more than 6 hours to complete.
So…..I got stuck.
I had to face it, either I would do only that prompt for the rest of the month, or I would have to leave it for a bit, and work on it just an hour a day, while starting the next prompt.
‘Clock’ day came ( day 14), and same thing happened. I came up with something I felt was a brilliant idea for a painting, but now after spending probably 30 hours on it, I still haven’t completed more than maybe 20%. No day has 150 hours (that it seems I need to finish it).
BUT now I am OK with that. I work on those two prompts a little every day, while spending the bulk of the 5-6 hours a day on the next prompt.
As long as I don’t overdo the sitting without stretching, or without taking a break, I will be fine.
I have no doubt in my mind that I will really finish. They will just ave to be finished as I go.
Still, I feel well because I am doing art every day!
That’s the great idea of #Inktober

October 16, 2018

So I’m trailing a few days behind with the inktober prompts. I got stuck on a prompt. I’ve been working a lot on the prompt ‘cruel’ ( day 11) but I’m not pleased with it. Now I realized that I can’t work on that one prompt for the rest of the month, but need to move on. I will still return to it daily until it is the way I want it to be.
The biggest challenge for me with inktober is not which tools to use, or whether to work digitally or traditionally, but to force myself working the prompts. It is so easy to get stuck and influenced by others’ take on each prompt and wanting to do better, more, or something I feel is … expected.
I need to free myself from it and draw, paint, and create ‘my own take’ on each
prompt. I am also somewhat of an overachiever. Each day is a new prompt,
there is no way I can work as much as I like on each prompt. Then I wouldn’t be able to finish until some time mid-2019.
I need to work within the time limitations given and move on if I get stuck.
Therefore, for now, there is a gap in the uploads and prompt number 11 is not yet uploaded.

October 11, 2018

A lot of my energy lately has been spent on Inktober.
Each day there is a different prompt. One can choose to follow these prompts,
or one can do free ideas.  I chose to try to stick with the prompts. I wanted to push myself,
much like in real life when someone wants a particular motive or idea portrayed.
Sometimes the prompts have made it easier to get going, other times it has been
really difficult and somewhat stressful. It also takes a lot of my time.
Because of it, my writing and studying (primarily research for my writing) have been
lagging behind.
I am posting my Inktober work on my Instagram 
and on my Artist Facebook page: 
I have also stayed in touch with musicians but decided to let this fall be a build up time for next year. I will write more about this when things are a bit more set.
Here are the Inktober images:


September 29, 2018

Little by little things are getting changed around here.
I have added a page about Inktober which I will participate in
You can read about my progress and see the images here: 

I have also added a page for my book writing.
Currently, I’m working on two books simultaneously.
One is an ethnographic memoir. In it, I tell my story about my journey to, and my amazing adventures in, Japan.
I will write about what lead me to move to Japan. There will be a lot about my life there:
the music industry, the backstage, my romantic relationships, the parties, the hardships, the sex, the rock, the culture, the friendships, the struggles …
…and of course, include a lot about Japan in general.
The second book I’m working on is a novel. I don’t have a title yet, but the synopsis is
posted here:  

I will work hard and try to get the online shop up and running as soon as possible.
Meanwhile, you can always send me an email with any inquiries at


Hi everyone!
Right now this site is a mess.
My apologies.
I’m building and changing to make the site all better.
You will be able to follow me and what I do here my “In Progress” blog,
and I will make it easy to both view what I’m currently working on, as well as
all kinds of art that I have created in the past.
I will also add commercial art such as logotypes, book covers, and illustrations.
You will also be able to order high resolution prints, postcards and posters,
and other merchandise with my art printed on it.
Meanwhile, I really hope you can support me by visiting my Instagram,
and my Facebook page.
A huge thank you for coming here and seeing what I am so passionate about:
Create and make art!